woman holding best vibrator sex toy

All About Vibrators

Orgasms aren’t just for fun: climaxing has been shown to increase blood flow and relieve muscle tension, lower blood pressure, regulate appetite, and relieve pain via endorphins. Maybe you’re one of the two-thirds of women who masturbate three times a week, or you might be the 10% who have never had an orgasm. With women reaching orgasm in four minutes when masturbating compared to 20 minutes with a partner, there’s no reason why we can’t set aside a few minutes each day for health benefits.

Regardless of your own statistics, you should know what orgasm-inducing options are out there. Whether you take matters into your own hands or enlist the assistance of a partner, vibrators are an amazing way to explore and heighten your pleasure—or “self-cultivate” as Oprah calls it. There are many different vibrators out there, offering you a great chance of finding the perfect toy, but the decision can be overwhelming. So, here’s the low down on the most popular vibrators.

  • Classic. These are great for vibe virgins, since they come in all different sizes and textures. Simulate the real deal with a traditional vibrator shaped like the dick of your dreams (some even include balls!), or experiment with a sleek chromed version that could double as a piece of art.
  • Bullet. This little guy packs a surprising punch. Though small in size, bullet vibes are often multi-speed and function, meaning you get pinpointed sensations that can be extremely intense. Bullets are also easy to hide and take with you (lunch break, anyone?)—not to mention they’re the perfect size to hit the spot during intercourse.
  • Rabbit. A favorite of the Sex & the City gang, this vibrator is a superb multitasker. Not only does it provide multi-speed rotating penetration, but external ears vibrate against the clitoris for pleasure that covers all the bases.
  • G-Spot. Vibrators that cater toward G-spot stimulation often have a curve in the shaft or a bulb on the end. Sometimes they’re combined with rabbit ears to tickle your fancy on the outside too. But if you’re looking for that spot-on massage, a slender vibe with a soft round tip is ideal.
  • Wand. Most wand vibes looks like something sold at Brookstone. They feature a large malleable head on top of a sturdy base. Wands also come in mini versions, and can be used with attachments for penetration and other sensations. Not for the faint of heart, wands (such as the revered Hitachi Magic Wand) deliver very strong sensations. Who gives a shit about a KitchenAid mixer when you can get a wand vibe and collect all those attachments instead?

Vibrators today aren’t your mother’s sex toys (ew). Even if you’re in the market for something specific (vibrating cock rings, anal stimulation, a strap-on vibe) chances are it’s out there. Getting off has taken a high-tech turn, and many of the above toys are available with remote or Wi-Fi controls and even USB-charging capabilities. Many vibes are waterproof, and some of them are truly whisper-quiet.

High-end vibrators tend to use better materials, but there’s no need to shell out a hundred bucks for a battery-powered friend. Many vibrators are under $20 and can get you off before the commercials are over. Just make sure you have plenty of batteries on hand (most bullet vibes use cell or watch batteries), as well as lube, and remember to take the batteries out when you’re done. The last thing you need is a rabbit that can’t hop!