Every time we go out clubbing, my friend, the so-called Bad Boy, gets lucky with a hot girl and takes her home. He’s not better looking than the rest of us, he just doesn’t give a damn.

To help explain this well-known concept of Bad Boy Gets The Chicks, a new study suggests that sexist women who like casual sex are more likely to respond to aggressive men. Hundreds of college students and internet users, both male and female, were asked about sexist attitudes and one-night stands.

The results showed that sexist men interested in ‘one-night stands’ were more likely to use aggressive strategies when flirting with women. And the submissive, sexist, women who were open to casual sex were more likely to respond to this type of aggressive courtship.

It’s a case of two people with similar attitudes towards sex finding each other; and it all happens because my friend, the Bad Boy, acts on his impulses while the rest of us stand back and watch.

Source: Hall JA & Canterberry M (2011). Sexism and assertive courtship strategies. Sex Roles.

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