woman doing kegel exercises at work

Kegel Exercises While You Work

Hate to break it to you ladies, but your man may not be the reason you’re having trouble getting off. But, don’t put your panties back on just yet. Besides bringing in another woman, a donkey and a can of sweet corn into the bedroom (don’t knock it till you try it, and expect high cleaning bills), kegel exercises are the best way to get it tight. Like any intricate grouping of muscles, your vagina can be exercised to boost its abilities and increase opportunities for orgasm more readily and frequently.

According to Medpedia.com, many factors can weaken the pelvic floor or “PC” muscles. Pregnancy, childbirth, obesity, and abdominal surgeries are a few things that can lead to pelvic frustrations. Even men experience problems with pelvic floor muscles which can be weakened from conditions like prostate cancer. So, they can enjoy benefits from strengthening their pelvic floor muscles as well with the same type of exercises we’re about to describe.

Even if you’re in your early 20s and have maintained your special place as “enter only,” Kegel exercises make a huge difference in the quality of the sex. Forget ribbed condoms and two-headed, vibrating purple bunnies, you can up your O-factor as easy as doing Kegels on your commute to work or during that mundane meeting once you get there.

How: Anytime you’re sitting still or lying down, try to contract and release your vaginal muscles. It’s the same contraction as “holding it” if there’s no restroom around, or when you stop a strong flow for one of those messy urine samples at the doctor’s office. Simply squeeze and hold for 10 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, then repeat in sets of 10 to 20 contractions per day. Don’t squeeze too hard though, not many people are accustomed to the flapping sounds of a queef.
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Why: Once you regain strength and control over your natural vaginal contractions, it has an unbelievable effect on sexual sensations. “I’m almost there,” will turn into “Oh my fucking God.” These contractions are something your lady parts already do—somewhere between 3 and 15 times upon climax. Not only will this method give you an off-the-charts, pillow-biting level of climax, but if you’re able to control the contractions better, then you’ll probably reach orgasm faster as well. And what gentleman doesn’t like getting you off first? Observe his reactions when you flex with him inside you. It’s as sexy to men as women giving a firm handshake, only with their vagina.

Go forth and Kegel your vag off. Practice while you’re tweeting, making phone calls, or waiting for your boyfriend to stop talking about sports and start banging you. With 75% of women unable to reach orgasm from intercourse alone, this exercise should click your crotch up a notch to orgasmic levels.