man premature ejaculation lasting longer in bed

Guilty of Premature Ejaculation

Any guy whose played with himself is aware of “The Moment.” It probably took no more than ninety seconds to arrive there, so how could he forget? We’re talking about that climactic penis-wrinkle in time where you explode with pleasure then implode with embarrassment. Your partner’s still huffing and puffing, but you just came. Look on the bright side, having an orgasm too quick is better than not at all- Retarded Ejaculation.

If you need a little more stamina in the sack, here are some surefire ways to prolong the inevitable:

Desensitizing Gel: The use of desensitizing gel is a quick and easy way to maintain the sexual experience. DS gels are applied topically and include a mild anesthetic which decreases sensitivity. Remember to throw on a condom after you rub the gel on your Jimmy. If that stuff gets inside your woman, forget prolonging an orgasm. You guys won’t finish till the second coming of Christ.

Kegel Exercises: The Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle, stretches from the base of your balls to your tailbone and controls the flow of urine and semen. A strong PC muscle will allow you to last longer. Go to the bathroom and make sure you know how to pump the right muscle. Flex like you have to pee, then pause, then pee, pause again, just don’t piss yourself doing this in public. Actually, don’t do it in public period. Remember, 30 reps a day keeps the dildo out of play.

Cock-ring: To be worn around the base of a man’s phallus, constricting the vessels leading in and out of the organ. This results in stiffer stiffy’s, as well as delayed and intensified orgasms. Experts advise no more than thirty minutes of use, which if you desperately needed the advice of this article, is a lot longer than your used to anyway.

Picture your Grandma naked: If you don’t have one, then picture someone else’s. This may sound gross, but it works. However, some side effects may include loss of erection and awkward family gatherings.

Whether you want to go from forty-five seconds to three minutes or from fifteen minutes to an hour, these methods will help you reach your goal. Quick side note, under no circumstances should you practice the, “I’m going to pretend I didn’t cum and keep pounding” method. Many condoms and menstrual cycles have gone missing on account of that lost cause.

There are natural male enhancement solutions, which can provide someone with an added does of confidence.