The term bros before hoes means that guys will always stick up for their fellow guys before girls. While that is the general definition, one can redefine the term or it has more meaning than just that but in some cases it is just the understanding. One definition of bros before hoes is that you usually prioritize your close male friends or male family relatives like brothers or cousins. Think for example that your close friend or relative’s girlfriend is screwing around with another guy. You would tell them as to what she has been doing since you’re concerned for the well-being of your bro. Another example is if you have a guys night out on a Friday night, and your girlfriend asks you to go out with her. Most guys abide by the bros before hoes code and they go to the event where the boys will be going.

It’s not like a frat where you always go together. It is like a system where you just watch your bros backs and they watch out for you at the same time. While the bros before hoes motto does sound good, you have to remember that sometimes it isn’t ideal of course. When you do have a stable relationship with a girl that you love then you have to balance it out. You can spend time for her and for your bros but usually around this time you and your bros would presumably have your own lives to live. It is good to have this kind of motto but you should also make sure that you keep it in good relationships with not only your bros but as well as your lady if you have one of course.  Just remember that the bros before hoes code can be applicable most of the time so take care of both of your relationships as a man.