sexy woman preparing to anal finger her boyfriend

Guide to Anal Fingering Your Partner

Just imagine Leonidas from the movie 300 squatting down to receive a blowjob while his woman squeezes her pinkie up his butt. Not so tough now, are we Leonidas? His reply, of course, is, “This… is… SPARTA!” Visualizing this example, it’s not hard to picture a real man getting the pinkie treatment while his girl sucks like there’s no tomorrow. If he’s willing to masturbate upside down behind the bathroom door, he can probably spare the machismo and learn to take a finger like a man.

Without any real study conducted on the finger sport, it’s hard to say if every man wants the finger. Many men associate this type of activity with homosexual behavior, and immediately disregard it as an option in the bedroom. This is unfortunate because both men and women can enjoy anal play regardless of their sexual orientation. Many times, this fear prevents some men from experimenting with anal fingering, which can actually be quite satisfying. In fact, sales for the popular prostate-stimulating Aneros sex toy have been reported to rise 100% each year since 2004.

Done properly, anal fingering can stimulate the prostate, otherwise referred to as the male G-Spot or “p-spot.” In addition to newly researched anti-cancer benefits of prostate massage, there are plenty of sensitive nerve endings around the anus that respond to gentle stimulation. If you (or your guy) are curious and want to give it a shot, there are several very important things to keep in mind: start small, go slow, and use plenty of lube. Anal stimulation can be extremely pleasurable on its own, but it’s also known for intensifying orgasms. Some guys can probably hit a fly on the wall from six feet away!

For the ladies, be sure to mentally prepare your man before attempting the old pinkie-disappearing-up-his-ass trick. Otherwise, you might get last night’s dinner all over again. Many people like to shower first before initiating anal play. The cleaner you are, the more confidant you’ll be, and with confidence comes relaxation. Make sure he’s turned on beforehand, and couple any anal play with oral or manual action. Regardless if this is his first time, always be generous with the lube. Most men will tense their sphincter muscles, so start with one small finger and go easy. Massage the outside of the anus until your man is sufficiently relaxed. Once you feel he’s not squeezing tightly anymore, try moving your finger in and out a little bit at a time. Continue slowly moving your finger deeper. Experiment to discover if he prefers an in-and-out motion, or pressure directly on the prostate. The prostate is about the size of a walnut, and located about two inches inside the anus. Make a “come here” motion with your finger and it just might be what sends him over the edge.

Guys, try to sit back, relax, and enjoy the new sensations. And if you feel like your girl won’t respect you with her finger in your butt, you can always grow a beard and fight like a Spartan before she slips it in next time.