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Tips For Meeting Girls on Twitter

Bored with social media and thinking about joining Twitter? No doubt you’ve mastered Facebook having banged your 7th grade sweetheart and more model “friends” than anyone. A natural transition right? Just remember one thing: Twitter is not Facebook. In fact, Facebook is the clean-shaven Mormon boy, who wakes you up with a Psalm or two. Twitter is the mustachioed, evil-twin, who tweets about your mother, while fingering your big sis.

Thank Twitter For Vagina, Bacon and Fisting

One of our readers recently shared that many of the tweets on Twitter included the words vagina, fisting or bacon. Immediately we began to salivate. And as we licked our chops, it wasn’t clear which word was creating this reaction. We were so intrigued by this amazing combination, that we didn’t want to verify the validity of his statement. Vagina along with bacon and fisting almost resemble a symbiotic relationship