sex game night at home for couples

Sex Game Night at Home

It’s Saturday night, and you and you partner are looking for a sexy way to stay in and have some fun. Why go out and spend money on drinks and dancing when you can have just as much fun having a Game Night? No, not the Hasbro family-friendly version you see on commercials where Grandma is excited about a triple word score. We’re talking naked, naughty games that will spark your competitive side while getting you hot and bothered. Don’t think Spin the Bottle and Strip Poker are the only games that can have a sultry side. With a little creativity, your favorite pastimes can leave you screaming, “Bing-Ohhh!”

Randy Land
You’ll have to crack out your Candy Land board and pick up some sweets to play this X-rated version of an old classic. Each player takes turns moving along the game board. If a player pulls a card that lets them jump to one of the specially marked areas of the board, like Candy Cane Forest or Gum Drop Mountain, their partner must eat the token piece of candy—anything from Milk Duds and Junior Mints to chocolate sauce and gingerbread men—off a part of their body. Landing on Princess Lolly has never been this fun.

Video games don’t have to be for stoned guys blowing up zombies with Cheetos-stained fingers. With the right tools, gaming can be pretty hot. The Japanese video game Rez comes with a “trance vibrator” that pulses in time with the game’s techno music. The device is meant to enhance game play, but you’ll be using it to enhance foreplay in the bedroom. Put the trance vibrator between your legs, and let your partner play through the game. Each time the player dies, the device vibrates more intensely, and you’re free to distract your partner using any means necessary.

Risk-y Business
Nothing gets a guy going like domination—world domination, that is. Risk might be a board game, but you’ll be anything but bored when he gets fired up invading your territories in this game based on world conquest. With each area you take over, the other must remove a piece of clothing. You’ll even get to call tomorrow’s rug burns your “battle scars.”

You and your partner should don formal gowns and dinner jackets for this game of whodunit (or rather, who’s doing it). Pick four rooms in your house and four items to enjoy in the bedroom (i.e. ice cubes, a vibrator, etc.). Your partner will pick a combination of a room and an item and write them down on a note. To make a guess, take them to the room you think it might be and declare, “I think it’s the kitchen with the piña colada flavored lube.” If you’re wrong, you’ll have to run to another room and try again. When you get it right, you’ll become partners in crime, getting it on in the basement with his candlestick.

For this version of Hangman, you’ll have to draw a set of lines on your partner’s naked body with a marker. Instead of choosing the name of a film or a celebrity, you’ll have to pick a sexual act you are going to do to your partner. If they guess the act before completing the hangman, you’ll have to stop and perform it on them. If not, they have to do it to you—definitely a win-win. Make it even hotter by using a glow-in-the-dark pen.

Musical Chairs
You probably remember musical chairs as that awkward game played at birthday parties in second grade. Now, it’s time to redeem the game’s reputation and turn it from a stressful hustle into sexy competition. Rack up your iPod playlist with some hot songs and start by getting down to business on the sofa. When the music changes, find somewhere else to sit: the dining table, a desk chair, the kitchen counter.

The Hot Spot
If all else fails, just strip down and resort to Naked Twister. Always a hit.