signs shes bad in bed

Signs She's Bad in Bed

Bars were created for two reasons: to get a drink and for men to enjoy women making a few bad decisions. Just be aware of the red flags so you don’t make a bad decision and choose to go home with a woman who’s bound to disappoint in the sack.

According to a survey by Maxim, 86.6% of nearly 8,000 women said they would stay with a guy who was lousy in bed—but amazing in every other way. An even more comforting 96% said they would give the guy another chance if he were bad in bed the first time. One has to wonder if the numbers would be the same if men responded to the same survey regarding women. The art of picking up ladies is a fickle bitch, and at times, so are the girls. The truth is, there’s no concrete way to tell if someone is bad in bed without a trial run; a experiment to the hypothesis. However, there are ways to make an educated guess and avoid any potential “grenades” between the sheets.

The Smell. She may look like a princess, but smell like a frog. If you catch a whiff of an unpleasant pit-stain or rotten fish breath, then take that as a hint: she probably doesn’t smell good… elsewhere. Perhaps she’s never heard of Tic Tacs, deodorant, or she’s unaware that a Summer’s Eve can happen anytime. Even if the girl is as limber as an Olympic gymnast, you don’t want a gross smell funking up the whole room—or your junk. Pass.

The Demeanor. Don’t mistake her dancing with everyone—including the bartender (unless he’s feeding her free drinks, then that’s a plus for you)—as a sign of bubbly girlishness. Before you know it, she’s making out with her best friend (okay, still might be a plus for you), climbing on the bouncer, and bumming smokes… from bums. Unfortunately, this is also sign that she’s far too wasted to give everything she’s got once you get down to naked business.

The Virgin. That pretty girl who studies all night, wears sweaters in 98-degree weather, and puts Taylor Swift on in the background of a party is probably a virgin. Unless you’re a virgin too (which in that case, you’ve got bigger concerns), then she’s not even worth it. It’s not usually a responsibility most guys want to take on when they’re on the prowl. Not only is deflowering a virgin an unspoken commitment, this bedroom scenario will also unfold with you doing all the work. The Virgin also comes with a high rate of clingy aftermath. Do everyone a favor and hold out for someone more experienced—or try to get in the middle of that drunk girl and her best friend.