The whole foods section is usually a place in the grocery or supermarket where the foods are fresh. They can vary from vegetables, fruits, meats, fish and others. Most guys would not know what to buy when they go to the whole foods section but there is a motivation for them to start doing so. One thing that a lot guys like to do is to pick up girls. The usual places where guys pick up girls are in the bar, the gym, the street and many more. One place that guys can pick up girls would be the whole foods section. Picking up girls at the whole foods can be a challenge but it can be done.

One reason about why it is challenging is because most women that go to whole foods are the ones that are hard to pick up. Think of it that they aren’t easily persuaded or easily swayed by your basic pick up lines. Women at whole foods can be smarter than you think. That is why you have to prepare yourself before you venture into the world of whole foods. When you have an idea of whole food items then that can be helpful for you. If you don’t have any knowledge then go ahead¬†and learn the art of shopping for whole foods. You need to know what are good or bad. The key to this is that you’re not really buying stuff but just picking up girls.

That means you can use that as a conversation starter. Just like “Oh going for that eggplant? This one is better” When you have the knowledge you can use that to sweet talk your way into getting a woman. There could also be a situation where they ask you for some advice about what to get. You should also dress the part as if you’re going for some shopping. You can just dress casually but not too simple. Wearing shorts and sandals are fine as you would be a bit out of place when you wear some flashy clothes even if the intent is to pick up girls. Then finally, you shouldn’t be too aggressive. A lot of the women here are sophisticated and they are usually moms, working girls, college students and others. It is best not to make your intentions obvious until you have gone out. The next time you strike out at picking up girls at the bar, then why not head to the whole foods section.¬†