swallow after you toot it

Oral Sex and Swallowing

Some women have no problem swallowing their partner’s semen during an orgasm. If that’s you, then it’s one more reason for your man to worship you. Swallowing the love liquid these days is expected just like a Bachelor’s degree when landing a good job. But if you don’t enjoy swallowing your man’s jizz, all is not lost.

Here’s a secret you may not have known. Men don’t really need you to swallow for them. The swallowing helps in affirming your admiration or attraction for him. It makes a man feel wanted, needed, and liked. It’s when you don’t swallow, and don’t know what to do instead, that abruptly stops the good times from rolling. Your man ejaculates, and you gag, or abruptly get out of the way, or make a snide remark like “why didn’t you tell me you’re cumming, eeeww”, or worse yet, running straight for the bathroom sink. If you’re guilty of any of these, don’t bet on your man being happy or faithful to you in the long run.

Instead, there is an alternative for you that he would be perfectly happy with. If you allow your man to ejaculate on your breast, stomach, or your face, it’s just as good. You can also keep sucking him off after he spews all over you. This can put him over the top and ensure he’ll be goo goo for you all day.

The bottom line is to do what you can to make him feel wanted instead of rejected. Men see semen as an extension of themselves. If you don’t want it in you, then put it on you. Whatever you do, don’t go running to the bathroom with it!