Couple Wrestling About to Toot ItThe online dating website OKCupid asked almost 68,000 members “Is your ideal sex rough or gentle?” Then, the people at OKCupid scraped these member’s profiles for words that most correlated to each answer. Those who preferred rough sex had more dirty and emotion-laden words such as damn, ridiculous, obsessed, punk, and cynical in their profiles. And those who preferred gentle sex used words such as faithful, sincere, dining, gardening, and church.

Gentler words for those who like gentle sex, and harsher words for those who like bumpy rides. There’s obviously some common sense to this. But if you’re not sure about someone, then you can use their profile word choices to help decide.

So, how is this information useful to you? Well, if you’re meeting someone who likes rough sex for a fling, you won’t want to caress them to sleep. Instead, you’ll need a fist full of vitamins and some red bull because things are going to get slippery.