make your own sex tape

Make your own sex tape

Who says you have to be a celebrity to make a sex tape? You don’t have to be Ron Jeremy to shoot a decent amateur video of you and your boom buddy. The porn business racks up about 100 billion dollars annually. Hey, they gotta be doing something right. For a list of what NOT to do, check out worst celebrity sex tapes ever made to see your favorite stars worst mistakes. Here a few simple tips on how to bring some sexy style to your own homemade porno.

Camera: Stick to the handheld “point of view” shot. Either your camera phone or a Mini-HD will do. Depending on the devices you have handy, something small and easy to handle is ideal. Avoid using webcams as they don’t give an intimate feeling of actually being in the video.

Lighting: Although dimming the lights is romantic, it won’t make for a good sex tape. Make sure the room is bright enough so there are no dark shadows covering the money shots (hint: between your legs). Do a test run using different lights in the room-desk lamps, ceiling lights, etc. Don’t be afraid to reflect light off of surfaces like mirrors or white walls.

Shots: This is where you can get creative. Make sure to trade-off holding the camera with your partner. Different angles will make it visually appealing to the viewer. Use close-ups sparingly. Shaky videos up close make it hard to figure out if you’re watching an ass or the crease of an elbow. An easy fix to getting an establishing shot is filming a mirror that faces the bed. This way you can see both of you together, and different positions you try. If you show one person’s face, you must show the other’s face too. This way, you are making an unwritten agreement that you two are “in it” together. Most importantly: Don’t miss the money shot! You only get one shot at this, so figure out where you want to finish and plan accordingly. This will be the climax of your video. (ba-dum, ta-da!)

Grooming: The camera sees everything, so make sure you are up-to-date with your shaving or manscaping. Make sure you are both showered, and clean. And, use the shower as a chance to inspect any areas with stray hairs or unsightly pimples on your ass.

Acting: It is important to act as natural as possible during the shoot. However, if you are a silent ninja in bed, start-up a sexy dialogue. Dirty talk is always hot. Don’t talk about what you are going to have for dinner tomorrow. Make sure to announce your point of climax, and try to sell it. Don’t over do it and scream like a banshee. A few intense groans add a nice feel to the ending.

Terms and Conditions: No one wants to be blackmailed with a sex tape they made with their ex three years ago. You two must agree on what the video will be used for, and where you will keep it. Don’t make copies-they will reproduce like bunnies. Making a video is meant to tighten the bond between you and your sex partner. You have to trust your co-star, or else kiss your future reputation goodbye!

Lights, camera, ejacul-action!