woman put a condom on man

Put a Condom on Him

We’ve all heard the excuses before: I’m too big, it’ll kill the mood, I’m clean, I have a bad reaction to latex. While hopefully you’re not buying it, a recent study indicates that more young people are having unprotected sex. The Parenthood Foundation found that the number of Americans ages 15–24 who regularly have unprotected sex increased from 38% in 2009 to 53% today. Chances are you and your man can agree there’s nothing sexy about unwanted pregnancies and STDs. But if he’s still resistant to rubbers, you might have to change your safe sex strategy. Check out these tips for ways to slyly turn your man onto condoms.

Give condoms a sexy side
Some men see condoms as emasculating—they don’t like the thought of anything between you and their impressive manhood. Spicing up the process can go a long way. Latex will be the last thing on his mind if you make eye contact with him as you slowly roll the condom down his member with your mouth. Experiment with different lubes or warming liquids along with the condom to intensify the feeling for both of you. He’ll be so caught up in the amazing sensations that all his excuses will be on the floor right next to that Durex wrapper.

Role play to make it fun
Play the bossy Sex-Ed teacher and give your man a lesson he won’t soon forget. Put your hair up and rock some glasses and black heels. If you smack a ruler in your hand and ask, “Can I have a volunteer to demonstrate?” his hand will shoot straight up in the air, along with something else. Fulfill this schoolhouse fantasy while instructing him on how to use proper protection. After your study session, condoms will have an A+ in his book.

Boost his ego
Let the power of the male ego do the work for you by telling him he looks bigger with a condom on. A little “Oh my god… it looks so big!” goes a long way. If he really is well endowed, pick up some extra-large condoms with names like Magnum or King Size that he’ll be proud to put on. He might even “accidentally” leave the box out so his roommates will know what he’s packing.

There are plenty of varieties of condoms to choose from now—ultra thin, ribbed, glow-on-the-dark, flavored, etc. Tell your guy there’s some new kinds you wanted to try out in your quest for the perfect condom. If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll be more than obliged to help you out. Of course, you can always resort to putting your foot down: just say no to unsafe sex. Once most men get hot and bothered enough, they’d rather have sex with a condom than not at all. A few nights with his right hand will have him begging for sex with you, even if it means suiting up first.