long distance relationship woman having phone sex

Long Distance Relationship Phone Sex

Another night rubbing one out via webcam got ya down? With just over 7 million couples in the U.S. reportedly in long distance relationships, chances are you’re just one of many whose orgasm depends on bandwidth speed. While this might be great for the creators of Skype, it means 14 million Americans have to deal with the stress of keeping things hot and heavy from a distance.

No one is denying there are downsides to being in a long distance relationship—an online booty-call just isn’t the same, not to mention the expensive phone bills. There are certain perks to having your partner live in another city, though. With your man miles away, ladies can kiss bi-weekly waxes goodbye and relish the au natural look while padding their bank accounts. And guys, you can download as much porn as you want without a woman peering over your shoulder wondering why you’re frantically closing all those windows. What freedom!

There’s more to throwing routine maintenance and courtesy to the wind, though. As the One in a Long Distance Relationship, your single buddies will love you. Most people in relationships spend nights and weekends with their significant other. Date nights and dinner plans take the place of dancing until morning and playing wing man. But as an LDR-er, you have the freedom to join your friends at bars and clubs without the obligations that come with a local partner. Even better, when you do go out, you’re the best kind of single friend: no competition since you’re not on the prowl, and without all the depressing “I’ll never meet someone” drama.

Sex is a big component of any relationship, but it’s particularly key in long distance relationships. Most of it, unfortunately, is going to happen over the phone or computer. Invest in a good webcam and be willing to strip on camera, even if it seems like a lame substitute at first. Soon you’ll both get past, “Wow, that was awkward,” to “Damn, that’s kind of hot!” Of course, when you eventually visit your partner and have some good old-fashioned, technology-free sex it will be all that more thrilling. While you’re apart, distance can easily seem like a bummer. But it’s that same space you have to thank for the can’t-keep-my-hands-off-of-you, up all night sex that many couples in close proximity never experience.

Time is surprisingly on your side to play up the anticipation of your next encounter. Try not to let the pressure of limited time together cramp your style, though—relax, have fun, and don’t forget the condoms. Nobody wants a long-distance baby daddy.


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