couple living together bad sex life

Living Together and Bad Sex

When you moved in with that special someone, you thought you’d be having sex three times a day. Now you’re lucky if you even have sex three days a week. So how did your live-in relationship turn your sex life from wild to mild?

Two words: easy access.

That’s right. Living together means no more late night booty calls, no more skirting across town for a quickie, and no more having to make an effort. Now your sex life is officially on speed dial. But instead of taking advantage, you’ve decided to flip on the T.V. After all, you’ve got all the time in the world, so why make sex a priority?

Okay, drop that slacker attitude before you lose all feeling between your legs. If you want to kick your sex life back into high gear, take the following steps.

1) Get Off Your Butt
It’s time to stop playing with the remote and start playing with something else — in the bedroom. Sure, the couch is comfortable, but it will still be there after you’re done getting some. So stand up, march into the other room, and strip off your clothes. Someone has to initiate foreplay, so it may as well be you.

2) Go Back to the Beginning
Pretend that you two just started dating and do all those exciting things that first turned you on. Send each other naughty text messages, make out in public, talk dirty to each other on the drive home from work. Trust me, it’ll make coming home to each other a lot more rewarding (and your commute so much hotter).

3) Get Creative
If you two have been together for a while, your sex life is probably staler than movie theater popcorn. So change it up. Try out a new sexual position, watch an x-rated movie, or break out that love butter and start slathering each other up. Just come up with fresh ideas to keep the bed rocking and your neighbors a knockin’.

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