When you’re usually flirting, courting or just going out on a date with a women then you have that natural instinct to give them something. The usual thing to give would be a set of flowers. The thing is while flowers are good, a lot of guys aren’t too knowledgeable in what kind of flowers to get. The best thing to give a woman would be chocolate. Chocolate sounds cheap but its a real aphrodisiac and effective when you do it right. You don’t have to give the women some jewelry especially if you’re still just in the dating phase.

When giving chocolates here are some tips to doing it right. It’s rare but you have to know if the woman you are courting likes chocolate as some women aren’t too fond of it. Now the first thing to do is get them some custom made chocolates. It isn’t ideal to give them those branded chocolates like a Mars bar, unless you never want to see her again. Keep in mind by this time you’re no longer in high school or in college so you’re trying to woo an adult woman. When it comes to custom chocolates, buy them at a bakery or shops where the chocolates look high end.

You should also buy the right amount and with minimal gimmicks. Don’t go for those chocolates in heart boxes but instead go for those in regular boxes but make sure the boxes look presentable and not simple. Make sure as well that the chocolate is kept refrigerated so that when you give it, it hasn’t melted. Then again if you buy them right away and give them to the woman, that’s fine as well. The chocolates also shouldn’t be too much. Just go for something small.  The key is presentation and great first impression that says I took the time and put forth the effort.  It’s not much but it can go a long way, perhaps get you to second or third base, or even a home run! Enjoy your chocolates.