how to get laid on a budget

How to Get Laid on a Budget

Surprise! The economy still sucks, and the only thing your penis cares about is how to find cheap shelter. Whether you have your eye on a special someone – or that sweet piece of ass who gave you her number last night – we’ll show you how to get laid on a budget.

Studies show the average cost of a dinner-and-a-movie date is about $130. But why blow that kind of cash on a chick who’s not down to F-you after ‘hello’? There is a bright side. Recent studies also show that over 50% of women expect to go Dutch on the first date. But let’s take it even further. How can we get laid for half-off or even free?

The Draft

If you’re starting alone, you’ll need to take your game out for a spin. Whether you take free gym classes, comb the beach, take a cuddly chick magnet to a dog park, or hit up a street fair, throw out a tasteful joke to the next woman you see. If you pull off a confident delivery, and go back to doing your own thing for a minute, she may even come to you. Always drop your number or email. Even if it feels like a strikeout, she might get lonely and change her mind.

The Field

If you get your fantasy draft, create some foreplay here:

  • The beach: bring drinks, extra sunscreen, and a blanket. An evening trip increases the odds of her wanting to get close for warmth.
  • The Park: She’ll think you’re romantic and adventurous. Bonus sex-drive adrenaline points for getting her to jump off the swings or climb to the top of the monkey bars.
  • Secret Spot: Whether it’s a private blow job spot at the beach, in the country, or a city rooftop, you’re someone who takes charge and most chicks dig that. Make it someplace that’s off limits and you’ll be doing yourself (and your blue balls) a favor.
  • Volunteer Events: With some imagination plus Google, you’ll find free fun – and sometimes cocktails. Remember guys who try to change the world are sexy.
  • Hike: Get her blood pumping and show off your stamina. Getting warm?
  • Book Store: you get a feel for what turns her on and where to take the conversation (hopefully to her kitchen table buck naked).

A Good Batting Average

Finesse your game with some smooth body language, but don’t go overboard with it. Remember to hold eye contact when she speaks. Listeners are a turn-on and this will keep you from staring at her boobs – you’ll see those highbeams soon enough.

Subtly mimic her body language. If she crosses her arms, do the same. If she sits back in her chair, lean back too. Don’t be obvious, but this is an unconscious trust builder. Lightly guide her when you walk into or out of a room by lightly palming her lower back. This makes women feel cared-for and allows you to subconsciously establish your dominance.

Since most of these wallet-friendly dates are active, advise her to dress casually. The cheap date gives you a great chance to meet someone who’s just as fun with their panties on. It’s easy on the finances, and rough on unwanted material girls and your headboard!