girl sending nude pics on her phone

Sending Nude Phone Pics

Every guy has that buddy who always manages to get photos of naked girls on his phone. He may not be the best looking guy, or even the smoothest guy, but he knows how the female mind works when it comes to them showing their goods. Follow these guidelines to unlock the secret to sexting, and become the “dude with the nudes.”

One study reports that a third of adults between the ages of 20 and 26 have sent naked, or semi-naked, photos or videos to others. But don’t get greedy—start with a pic or two. First off, you have to have a single target. Strangers you meet at the bar aren’t going to send you some spread eagles right off the bat, so leave the cheesy pick up lines at home. The potential sender has to be someone you know, and someone who you have an actual chance of scoring with. Stay in your league! If she’s not into you, throw in the towel, champ. Move onto the next one—it’s a numbers game. If you’ve taken her on a date, or you’ve banged her before, your odds will skyrocket.

Trust is the most important aspect in getting a nudie shot. If the girl doesn’t trust you, she knows her picture is going to be spread like the flu. A very sexy flu. Start texting her on an intimate level, preferably late at night, when you are both alone. This removes any insecurities of her thinking that your buddies are looking over your shoulder. It will also create a “naughty” bond between both of you, which is always arousing.

Start by building her confidence way up. Texting her, “Send me a boobie pic!” will get you nowhere. You’ve got to warm her up first and invest in a little verbal foreplay. Focus on certain aspects of her body. Tell her why she’s pretty, then you tell her that you want a picture. Don’t be specific with the request. You say you wish you could see her at the moment, but since it’s impossible, a picture will suffice for the time being. This is the moment of truth. (Deep breath….) If she responds, “Of what?” then you’re golden! This means that she’s intrigued and, most likely, game. Where you go from here is up to you, Rico Suave. Cat got your tongue? Here are some subtle and more straightforward examples of sexting at its best.

You’re not done once you succeed in getting a pic, though. It’s how you play your cards afterward that determines: “More pics to come!” or, “You’re a pig and scum!” Regardless of the quality of her photo, you must let her know you appreciate it and that she looks hot. You may even be prompted to send a cock shot in return. Don’t be scared, this is a great sign. When it comes to dick pics, just don’t include your face, and work the low camera angles to your advantage. Also, resist sending her pic to others. If you must brag, show it on your own phone (and make sure they have an equally sexy pic to show off in return). Think of these pics as nude trading cards… gotta catch ‘em all!