The Meltdown

the meltdown los angelesLurking in the dark unassuming shadows of the back of a comic book store could be the coolest place to watch Comedy in LA. The room is small and hot with a diverse crowd that really knows their stuff. The dynamic duo of Kumail Nanijani and Johan Ray with their witty repartee and unending pop-culture references are enough to hold a room on their own. Yet, the great producers from the Nerdist Industries deliver a slam-bang lineup of the best comedic talent in the business. Not only do you get some of the funniest comics around, but there is usually a surprise guest or two. Recent surprise guests have included: Sarah Silverman, David Spade, and Louis C.K. Be sure to say hello to Mayor elect Dorsey if you see him!

Every Wednesday, 8:30pm – $8 dollars at the door or in advance at MeltComics.com
Melt Comics, 7522 W. Sunset Blvd, Hollywood

Holy F*ck

holy fudge comedy los angelesIf comedy was a religion, then this show would be the weekly church service. Beloved by local and traveling comics, Holy F*ck delivers an entertaining comedy show Tuesday nights at The Downtown Independent. The audience is a mixture of comedy nerds, industry writers, and LA comics who gather to see their friends and favorites. The congregation here understands the soul of comedy and laughs with unabashed reverence. This venue is a movie theater, so refreshments and beer are available.

Every Tuesday, 9pm – FREE
Holy F*ck Facebook
The Downtown Independent, 251 S. Main Street, Los Angeles

The Josh & Josh Show

josh and john show los angeles

Courtesy The Comedy Hipster

Every Thursday night, young and hip comedy comrades gather under the many tiny red lamps of the Russian Bar Lubitsch on Santa Monica in West Hollywood. Each week, the wacky, adorable hosts and show producers, Josh Weintsein and Josh Haness, deliver a packed line-up of delicious comedy gold that you can enjoy along with a refreshing libation. The free show is the only parade of comic talent in LA that offers a full bar and cocktails delivered.

Every Thursday, 8pm – FREE
The Josh and Josh Show Facebook
Bar Lubitsch, 7732 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood

Odd Thursdays

palace comedy los angelesDim Sum Anyone? A free bi-weekly show that is tucked in a tight space above the The Palace chinese restaurant in Los Feliz. What makes this show different from the rest is the small crowd of regulars that allows the comedians to really let their guard down. It’s a great place to meet the up and comers as they try out new material. The restaurant’s owners, Moe and family, always go out of their way to accommodate the crowd.

Every Other Thursday, 10pm – FREE
Odd Thursday’s Facebook
The Palace, 2112 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Feliz


Odd Thursday’s image courtesy of The Comedy Hipster