woman with shaved vagina for better sex

Less Hair for More Sex? Deal!

Women who were “typically hair-free” were more likely to receive oral sex according to a recent University of Indiana study of over 2,400 women. Before you get his shaving cream and smother your vagina, the problems with shaving are many: expensive razors, ingrown hairs, and fast re-growth. For your vagina, here are some more options to getting the hair off and putting his mouth on.

Waxing – Waxing is done by applying a warm wax to pubic hair and removing it with strips or peeling off once it has hardened. Similar to the sugaring method of hair removal, using hard wax instead of strips is can be less painful as the wax adheres only to the hair. Waxing is far from painless, but over time, hair growth is diminished and the process can become less painful. Waxing can be done at home or professionally, with results lasting up to three weeks. When it comes to Brazilian waxes, which extend to the back and often remove all of the pubic hair, it’s probably better to let a salon work their magic than trying to contort your butt cheeks apart at home. Aside from going completely bare, landing strips, triangles, hearts, and stars are popular forms of pubic artwork. Many women also enjoy crafting an arrow down below as a blatant hint and helpful navigation tool for men. Though Salon.com reports that waxing is on the decline due to tough economic times, it’s still a great option compared to shaving and more expensive removal methods.

Laser Hair Removal – With laser hair removal deals popping up left and right online, and at-home removal systems available, this once elite and pretty much permanent removal method is becoming more mainstream. For most bikini lines to be zapped away, expect four to six sessions of time-consuming lasering that feels like a rubber-band snapped against the skin during and a bad sunburn after. While hundreds of dollars may be a small price to pay to flaunt your skivvies whenever you like, laser hair removal is a dedicated process if you want to see results. Topical anesthetics and ibuprofen are recommended beforehand to mitigate discomfort, while the classic bag of frozen peas on genitals can alleviate pain after. Laser hair removal works best for dark hair on light skin since the lasers target the melanin in black and brown hair. It has also been touted as less painful than the other permanent and comparatively priced removal option of electrolysis, which inserts a probe into each follicle rendering it unable to re-grow hair.

Depilatory – Chemical depilatories come in cream or spray-on form. They must sit on the hair and skin before the hair can be removed. This method is fairly easy and cheap, but results are not particularly long lasting. Similar to shaving, depilatories remove hair at the surface. Therefore, the chemicals can irritate skin just as much as razor burn if you leave the solution on too long, especially on your sensitive nether regions. Most creams smell worse than your berry-scented Skintimate shave gel and can leave a lingering chemical aroma. Depilatory hair removal may be a more time effective way to remove a larger area of hair than shaving, but don’t expect zero irritation or enduring results.

Pubic grooming has become somewhat of an art form, for both men and women. Men like to think this manscaping makes their junk look bigger. For women, it’s much easier to stuff a neatly trimmed muff into bikini bottoms, not to mention the benefits of additional stimulation being hairless below the belt. Male or female, no one likes having to hack through a jungle to get to the main event. While you may want to hold off on vajazzling your bits or dying your bush hot pink, keeping yourself tidied up down below is definitely an invitation for him to suck.