couple finger banging outside

Finger Banging is Legit

So we’re not finger banging on the high-school bleachers anymore, but we still have fingers and girls still have needs. Maybe you’re a little rusty, or maybe you’re hasty to get to the humpin’, but finger banging isn’t just for junior prom anymore. Spruce up your techniques and you’ll be titillating her in no time—anytime, anywhere—with nothing but your bare hands.

Imagine if finger banging were a sport, our profiles would all read “athlete” and the Winter Olympics would be hot as hell. If that day ever comes, here’s some advice for you to make the Olympic team and have your finger on a box of Wheaties!

The first order of business applies to sex in general, but to finger bangers in particular: make sure you’re clean. Wash your hands with soap and hot water, and make sure your nails are trimmed down. And class rings? They’re for your friends to see, vaginas don’t care for them.

To get you both riled up for what’s to come, especially if you’re in public, finger banging is just the naughty deed you’re looking for. With a little stealth, straightforward penetration with your fingers can be done almost anywhere. It may be tough to make circles around the clitoris with her jeans on at a bus stop, but your banging can be sensational with a change in angle, depth, speed, and coverage. You’ll want to make sure she’s turned on before introducing your digits, so plant a few kisses and whisper in her ear what you’re about to do. She’ll be ready in no time.

Finger banging is a great prelude to sex, but it can also lead to more than straight up banging. If location permits—such as a red-eye flight, outdoor concert, or the back row of a matinee—flex your finger banging finesse and make her come. Choose an angle comfortable for both of you, and make it less obvious by covering her lap with a jacket or blanket.

First, focus on the clitoris, as most women can’t reach orgasm by penetration alone. Start slow using a feather-light touch to perk her up all over. Using her own lubrication, or saliva, take two fingers and glide them in a consistent circular motion right around and over her clit. Try increasing pressure or speed, watching and listening carefully to gauge how you’re doing—quickened breathing and little moans are green lights to incorporate penetration. With fingertips on either side of her clit, slide your fingers down inside her, then back up. Experiment with different depths and a come-hither motion to massage her G-spot. Alternate this with clitoral stimulation and you’ll be hearing muffled cries of “Ay Papi!” in no time.