Boss and employee sex in the office

Sex in The Office

In this belt-tightening economy, we are all desperate for dependable work. But does a steady paycheck mean the boss can do some belt unbuckling?

Hard-working people have been getting sexually harassed in the workplace since the very beginning. It probably began with prostitution, arguably the oldest profession in the world,  and lewd customers who had no intention of paying a lady for her services. Or maybe it started with a horny shoemaker in Lithuania, who knows. We all remember the 90’s, when bosses requesting sexual favors came under the spotlight thanks to the widely televised trial of Clarence Thomas (ohhh, Clarence).

And then the stories started rolling in. Clinton and Lewinsky, Clinton and Jones, David Letterman, Mitsubishi. The reasoning behind banning office dating started to make a whole lot of sense. The thing with sexual harassment at work is that it isn’t purely sexual; it’s about sex and power. While many can envision men in positions of power orchestrating such acts, women are also capable of turning on the charm and getting a little action (Jennifer Aniston, anyone?).

If you’re receiving unwanted sexual advances at work, don’t make a mad dash to the parking lot just yet. After all, a little bit of sexual tension goes a long way toward job satisfaction. There are many ways to let the boss know you’re not interested without ruining the working relationship. Some bosses may be in need of companionship at work. But, what the boss may really need is someone who does their job – the one hired for – well. If so, it may help to have an honest conversation about the harassment and problems it may cause for both parties, including the business.

Plus it’s not harassment if the “bump and grind project” is a team effort (mutual). If you like “diggin’ out the stress, don’t be afraid to sign a sexual harassment waiver. However, if the feelings are not mutual, then you have to make it clear that cock is getting in the way of your good work. You may be out looking for a job. But not always. Many times you’ll get to keep your job, just without the benefits!