know when a woman wants sex or love

Does She Want Sex or Love

So, you’ve wined and dined her, boozed and schmoozed her even. The last four hours of analyzing signs and dissecting innuendos has driven this night to fruition, which for most boys equates to some heavy romping. But are you man enough to curb your erection and look into a woman’s eyes and decipher if she wants to have sex or make love? Oh, wait—you didn’t even know there was a difference? You still have much to learn.

It doesn’t take The Force to sense what type of intimacy is in the air. A real man worth the weight of his sac can deduce whether a woman is looking for that grab- my-throat and yank-my-hair type of sex ,or if she’s in the mood for some slow, Twister-tangled kind of bone-rubbing love. If only courting females was as straight forward as it is in the wild. The alpha male in a pride of lions doesn’t lose any sleep over wondering if sex is a good primer for love.

If you crash in like Gangbusters, waving your pecker like a cattle prod, one empty wallet and wasted condom later you may find yourself asking, “What went wrong?” Similarly, trying to coddle every inch of her body while breathing in her ear to the beat of “Let’s Stay Together” might spook her a bit. Save yourself the frustration and certain masturbation. You’ve played poker; just look for the tells.

  • If she brought up sex at all during the date, it’s what she’s looking for. Women don’t talk candidly about sex with men they wouldn’t screw.
  • If she explains in great detail several of her long-term relationships, she definitely wants to make love—after three more equally boring dates.
  • You catch her periodically looking at your lips while you talk and more so when you drift into the “Who gives a shit?” topics of conversation. She wants you to shut the F up and F her, like two drinks ago.
  • Someone close to her has recently died and she’s finding it difficult to cope. She needs some soft lovemaking, your manly chest to rest on, and the promise of a corny text the following afternoon.
  • An idle hand finds its resting spot clutching your penis on the drive home. Does this really need explanation?

As if it’s not enough trouble racking your brain playing the game of What Women Want, now the expansion pack, How Do They Want It? has been released. Chalk it up to one of the many complexities that make women confusingly unique. A seasoned lover’s greatest talent lies not in his ability under the covers, but respecting the wishes of the woman—and if that’s a healthy pounding, well then who are you to deny her?