In a relationship it’s not always a guarantee that you’ll be happy all the time. There are times when you fight, get disorganized and then the eventual break up or make up. Now there is a period where a guy can experience some heartache or heartbreak. You don’t have to be in a relationship to experience heartaches as most guys also feel it when they get rejected after trying to get the girl of their dreams. Normally when guys suffer from heartaches, they need to do something to deal with it. Then again there are those that just move on as if nothing happened. But we aren’t talking about those guys in this article. We are talking about the hopeless romantic type who actually feels something when they are rejected. If you are suffering from heartaches due to rejection or from a breakup then here are some ways you can deal with it.

When heartaches occur, the first thing you should do is just to cry it off. There’s nothing wrong about crying but you don’t have to be extreme when it comes to it. Just let some of those tears roll down and get some rest. One thing you should not do after you’ve cried out is do something stupid. Don’t do anything that would ruin your relationship with other people or with the girl that gave you the heartache to begin with. Don’t also drown your sorrows in drugs or alcohol and get yourself into trouble because those aren’t ideal ways to deal with heartaches.

Doing drugs is too extreme but you can always drink alcohol to help the pain subside. It’s a good and temporary solution but you do wake up the next day realizing again what happened, you can’t keep drinking all the time. One other thing you can do to deal with heartaches is to meet another girl. In a sense that can be questionable if you’re still in hopes of getting back with the girl that broke up with you.

Another ideal solution is to fill the void with something. When you’re suffering from heartache you can always reconnect with family. You can go out with friends and have a nice little bonding moment. If you can’t do those things then just find a hobby or something that you can do to pass the time until the heartache is gone. Most guys play sports, play video games or get invested with their career. Just do something productive to make you forget the heartache and more often than not it usually happens very quickly with a bit of time.

Heartaches are never a good thing. They may not be physical scars but they stick with you until the end. The good thing though is that the heartaches make you feel that the relationship or the attempt was all worth it in the end when you find the right person and rejection is not an option.