Before You Mix Food With Sex…

Food with sex? The combination is everywhere. Guys pay out for a meal so a girl will put out in the sack. Oysters are said to be aphrodisiacs, although they only make me vomit (which some fetishers would find sexy). So it’s no wonder we like to bring our fridges into the bedrooms with us, mixing various salts and sweets with sweat and other sex fluids until we aren’t quite

Strip Clubs Stripped Down

Strip clubs. Achieving entry is a right of passage for guys.  And a right of passage for girls. With daddy issues, low morality clauses, and a variety of venereal diseases. Right? Well, sure. In some cases. But I dare you to go into a Hooters and find a smaller collection of fucked up chicks serving your table a pitcher of Bud Light and lemon pepper wings. Don’t worry. It’s not

How Can I Get Lucky Tonight?

Recently, I came across a study conducted by Dr. Richard Wiseman, famous for his research on Luck. Over the ten years that he interviewed hundreds of self-branded lucky and unlucky people, he came up with some interesting conclusions about why some are luck-jobs and others are doomed for failure. “To a large extent, people make their own good and bad fortune”, says Wiseman. He also said that unlucky people are much

World Sex Statistics You Won’t Want to Miss

Durex, the world’s leading condom brand, asked more than 26,000 people in 26 countries about all aspects of their sex lives. Here are the results of the Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey. Sexual Satisfaction Survey (2010) Highlights: 44% “are fully satisfied with their sex lives.” 48% “usually orgasm. Globally, twice as many men (64%) as women regularly have orgasms.” “Those over 65 are still having sex more than once a

Online Profiles Show Who Wants Rough Sex

The online dating website OKCupid asked almost 68,000 members “Is your ideal sex rough or gentle?” Then, the people at OKCupid scraped these member’s profiles for words that most correlated to each answer. Those who preferred rough sex had more dirty and emotion-laden words such as damn, ridiculous, obsessed, punk, and cynical in their profiles. And those who preferred gentle sex used words such as faithful, sincere, dining, gardening, and

Exercise For Better Sex Says OkCupid

OKCupid, an online dating website, has an interesting set of trends (OkTrends) that they have compiled based on the activity of their stated seven million active users. Based on two questions that were asked of some forty thousand female members, they came up with some interesting correlations. The first question was whether you like to exercise, and the second was whether you have trouble achieving an orgasm. For those that

Oral Sex Doesn’t Always End With Gulp

Some women have no problem swallowing their partner’s semen during an orgasm. If that’s you, then it’s one more reason for your man to worship you. Swallowing the love liquid these days is expected just like a Bachelor’s degree when landing a good job. But if you don’t enjoy swallowing your man’s jizz, all is not lost. Here’s a secret you may not have known. Men don’t really need you