Get Her to Have More Sex More Often

Some men think they can spread their girlfriend’s legs as easily as opening the fridge to grab a beer. If that’s you, your buddy should slap you for being the cock block. Remember your girlfriend still needs to be turned on to put out on the regular. With a little ingenuity, she’ll be begging to sleep with you again and again. Men in relationships face a completely different set of

Finger Banging at the 2012 Winter Olympics

So we’re not finger banging on the high-school bleachers anymore, but we still have fingers and girls still have needs. Maybe you’re a little rusty, or maybe you’re hasty to get to the humpin’, but finger banging isn’t just for junior prom anymore. Spruce up your techniques and you’ll be titillating her in no time—anytime, anywhere—with nothing but your bare hands. Imagine if finger banging were a sport, our profiles

Say Hello To My Little Friend Sperm

Hey look, it’s sperm everybody! No matter what we call it – jizz, spooge, cum – we talk about semen all the time. But you probably haven’t heard the word “sperm” since eighth grade Biology. They look like tiny tadpoles and you need them to make a baby but how much do we really know about the male reproductive cell? Here are a few fun facts everyone should know about

Are You Having Sex in The Kitchen?

Sex can get awfully boring. You go out for a decent dinner, and then you see a mediocre movie. Later on, you have some routine sex that rivals putting together a TV stand. The night was supposed to be approaching a climax, but you got blue-balled in the numerous formalities of your mundane life. It’s time to change that. You need to think outside the bedroom. And by “think”, I

One-Night Stand Survival Guide

Ever wake up in a bed you’ve never seen before with a stranger’s heavy arm prostrate over your body? Yay, It’s your first one-night stand! It’s starting to look like Easter Sunday because you’re hunting for your clothes, keys, wallet, phone, and dignity. On top, you’ve got a pounding headache and sweat stains on your favorite shirt. And, it’s too early in the morning to ask yourself “what did I

How to Have a Threesome

Sex and chicken wings are a lot alike. Actually they’re not, but someone’s always licking fingers after they’re done. Threesomes! Those are like a greasy meal with sauce and legs all over the place. Who’s having those? According to Cosmopolitan, 10% of woman have confirmed they have been involved in a threesome, and 33% of men confirmed it is their number one fantasy. Inviting a new partner to the bedroom

Pretend to Have Sex With Someone Else

Face it, we’re never going to end up with someone we want to come with. Unless a woman camps out on Sunset Blvd. with a pair of binoculars and a stun-gun, there’s almost no chance she’ll ever bed Gerard Butler. Instead, she’ll end up with Joe Douche-bag who wears his socks while doing it, farts under the covers, and calls her a filthy whore – and not in the good

Thank Twitter For Vagina, Bacon and Fisting

One of our readers recently shared that many of the tweets on Twitter included the words vagina, fisting or bacon. Immediately we began to salivate. And as we licked our chops, it wasn’t clear which word was creating this reaction. We were so intrigued by this amazing combination, that we didn’t want to verify the validity of his statement. Vagina along with bacon and fisting almost resemble a symbiotic relationship

Does Your Boss Deserve a Little Bump and Grind?

In this belt-tightening economy, we are all desperate for dependable work. But does a steady paycheck mean the boss can do some belt unbuckling? Hard-working people have been getting sexually harassed in the workplace since the very beginning. It probably began with prostitution, arguably the oldest profession in the world,  and lewd customers who had no intention of paying a lady for her services. Or maybe it started with a

Behind The Wheel Guide to Anal Sex

According to last year’s Journal of Sexual Medicine study, we’re all having more sex, in more positions, and at younger ages than ever before.  But the big surprise for me was the dramatic increase in the proportion of women who had tried anal sex. A similar 1992 survey concluded that about 16 percent of women between  the ages of 18 – 24 had tried it. In 2010, that number had