How to Have Sex With Your Favorite Waitress

Men never seem to tire of trying to screw the waitress no matter how slim their chances. According to a Cornell study, bigger boobs means bigger tips, but will a 30% tip up your odds of getting laid? While you’re guaranteed to leave the restaurant belly full, it’s nearly impossible to leave with her digits. So how do you have a chance in hell of actually sealing the deal? You

Tips For Meeting Girls on Twitter

Bored with social media and thinking about joining Twitter? No doubt you’ve mastered Facebook having banged your 7th grade sweetheart and more model “friends” than anyone. A natural transition right? Just remember one thing: Twitter is not Facebook. In fact, Facebook is the clean-shaven Mormon boy, who wakes you up with a Psalm or two. Twitter is the mustachioed, evil-twin, who tweets about your mother, while fingering your big sis.

Dirty Ideas You Must Keep To Yourself

It’s always amazing to see a guy share a completely inappropriate thought with his girlfriend or wife. But some guys think “We’re so close that I feel like I can share anything with you.” Wrong. Some ideas are better saved for your buddies over a beer. To help some of you fellas who need friendly advice, we’re assembling a list of Dirty Ideas You Should Keep To Yourself. If you