Dirty Ideas You Must Keep To Yourself

It’s always amazing to see a guy share a completely inappropriate thought with his girlfriend or wife. But some guys think “We’re so close that I feel like I can share anything with you.” Wrong. Some ideas are better saved for your buddies over a beer. To help some of you fellas who need friendly advice, we’re assembling a list of Dirty Ideas You Should Keep To Yourself. If you

New Dating Trends in New York City

New York City is home to the biggest population of singles in the United States. surveyed their members in New York to learn about their dating preferences. The results were compiled into a telling infographic with some interesting statistics. 94% of New York singles were willing to date outside their city. The average New Yorker is willing to drive a maximum of 40 minutes to date someone. Manhattan is

Why Does The Bad Boy Get Laid So Often?

Every time we go out clubbing, my friend, the so-called Bad Boy, gets lucky with a hot girl and takes her home. He’s not better looking than the rest of us, he just doesn’t give a damn. To help explain this well-known concept of Bad Boy Gets The Chicks, a new study suggests that sexist women who like casual sex are more likely to respond to aggressive men. Hundreds of