Picking Up Girls At The Whole Foods Section

The whole foods section is usually a place in the grocery or supermarket where the foods are fresh. They can vary from vegetables, fruits, meats, fish and others. Most guys would not know what to buy when they go to the whole foods section but there is a motivation for them to start doing so. One thing that a lot guys like to do is to pick up girls. The

Interracial Dating And Relationships

There are billions of people who inhabit the world today. There are of course different people in the world and we’re not just talking about physical appearance or personalities. We are talking about people of different races, ethnicity and others. When it comes to racial attributes, there are those that are mostly attributed to each race. Think of it as each race having their own characteristics, traits, stereotypes and others.

How to Woo a Woman to Bed with Chocolate

When you’re usually flirting, courting or just going out on a date with a women then you have that natural instinct to give them something. The usual thing to give would be a set of flowers. The thing is while flowers are good, a lot of guys aren’t too knowledgeable in what kind of flowers to get. The best thing to give a woman would be chocolate. Chocolate sounds cheap

Is Your Online Date Really That Serious

When you are looking for a great match when you are taking part in online dating you most definitely want to know the online date that you have been conversing with is actually serious about carrying on a relationship with you. Here are a few tips to help you try and determine how serious your online date happens to be. Are you able to talk about sill and nonsensical things

No Shame in the Online Dating Game

Introducing your online lover to your friends or parents is a “holy shit” moment, right? After all, there must be something wrong if you have to find love on the Internet. Not really—according to, as of April 2010, 1 in 5 couples meet online. That means a whopping 20% of people find their partner though one of the many online dating sites. And keep in mind, this is only

Picking Up Younger Women in Nightclubs

If you want to be scoring with college girls, do your dating homework first. There is a big misconception that older men can’t get younger women–not true. If you’re a balding man on the wrong side of 40, don’t bother pitching the sexy college grad unless you make serious bank or model for Bowflex. However, if you’ve still got a few prime years put on reserve, don’t let a lack

Is Living Together Killing Your Sex Life?

When you moved in with that special someone, you thought you’d be having sex three times a day. Now you’re lucky if you even have sex three days a week. So how did your live-in relationship turn your sex life from wild to mild? Two words: easy access. That’s right. Living together means no more late night booty calls, no more skirting across town for a quickie, and no more

Don’t Go Drinking on a Date

Is there a more electric feeling than the anticipation of a run-in with the mega-babe from work? After all the weeks of covering erections and missed punch lines; not to mention, the time wasted actually trying to look good. It all leads up to this night. You’re meeting up for drinks. This is it. Best case scenario: you’re meeting the woman of your dreams. Good case scenario: you’re going to

Getting Off with Your Online Date

The odds of getting laid are in your favor when it comes to online dating: 1 in 3 women who meet men online put out on the first date. When meeting up with a potential true love (or serial killer) for the first time, don’t skirt the safety basics of meeting in a well-lit public place and letting a friend know where you’ll be. But if you want your first

Before You Mix Food With Sex…

Food with sex? The combination is everywhere. Guys pay out for a meal so a girl will put out in the sack. Oysters are said to be aphrodisiacs, although they only make me vomit (which some fetishers would find sexy). So it’s no wonder we like to bring our fridges into the bedrooms with us, mixing various salts and sweets with sweat and other sex fluids until we aren’t quite