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Make Him Go Down on You

The guy who loves to play hide-and-go-suck the second the lights go out – we all know him. Yeah, pretty much every man alive. You’ve sucked, cupped and juggled him with eye contact like he was a young Sean Connery again and again. But, if what goes around isn’t exactly cumming around to your muffin, we’re here to help. For starters, give good head and lots of it. Put some

How To Get Laid on a Budget

Surprise! The economy still sucks, and the only thing your penis cares about is how to find cheap shelter. Whether you have your eye on a special someone – or that sweet piece of ass who gave you her number last night – we’ll show you how to get laid on a budget. Studies show the average cost of a dinner-and-a-movie date is about $130. But why blow that kind