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Does She Want to Have Sex or Make Love

So, you’ve wined and dined her, boozed and schmoozed her even. The last four hours of analyzing signs and dissecting innuendos has driven this night to fruition, which for most boys equates to some heavy romping. But are you man enough to curb your erection and look into a woman’s eyes and decipher if she wants to have sex or make love? Oh, wait—you didn’t even know there was a difference? You

Take Your Relationship on a Road Trip

Relationships are like road trips, always exciting in the beginning, usually fulfilling in the end, but hard to keep interesting in the middle. The first couple hundred miles stirs up stimulating conversations about the future and nostalgic stories from the past. Then something happens once you get out in the country. The amusing anecdotes have been recycled and the initial excitement exhausted. All the upbeat radio stations have gone static

Imperfect Love in a Relationship

There has always been this ideal between most couples to achieve the “perfect relationship.” You’ve heard the fairy tales. No fighting. Excellent sex. Communication that comes easier than Boost Mobile. Gloating a savings account that grows like a Chia Pet. Naturally sexy bodies that require no physical training just a steady diet of things that taste like cardboard. It’s disgusting. These surrogates saunter about the yellow brick road high and

Are You Having Sex in The Kitchen?

Sex can get awfully boring. You go out for a decent dinner, and then you see a mediocre movie. Later on, you have some routine sex that rivals putting together a TV stand. The night was supposed to be approaching a climax, but you got blue-balled in the numerous formalities of your mundane life. It’s time to change that. You need to think outside the bedroom. And by “think”, I

How to Have a Threesome

Sex and chicken wings are a lot alike. Actually they’re not, but someone’s always licking fingers after they’re done. Threesomes! Those are like a greasy meal with sauce and legs all over the place. Who’s having those? According to Cosmopolitan, 10% of woman have confirmed they have been involved in a threesome, and 33% of men confirmed it is their number one fantasy. Inviting a new partner to the bedroom