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Hidden Gems of Comedy in Los Angeles

The Meltdown Lurking in the dark unassuming shadows of the back of a comic book store could be the coolest place to watch Comedy in LA. The room is small and hot with a diverse crowd that really knows their stuff. The dynamic duo of Kumail Nanijani and Johan Ray with their witty repartee and unending pop-culture references are enough to hold a room on their own. Yet, the great

Wet Dreams and Sex Scenes: Halloween Costume Ideas

With 43.9% of Americans dressing up this Halloween, what’s a girl to do to stand out in the crowd of French maids and Playboy Bunnies? Adults will spend an estimated $1.21 billion on costumes this year, but you don’t have to break the bank to make him do a double take. Nothing gets a man hotter than coming face-to-face with his teenage fantasy. This Halloween, recreate the hot babes (and

The Misadventures of Captain Hook

You’ve waited all night for it. You tremble in breathless anticipation as he tugs at the elastic waist of his snug boxer briefs. You bite your lip, your chest heaves–the big moment has finally arrived. He drops anchor and… and… arrghhh! It’s Captain Hook, the cock-eyed, crooked dick. A bedroom pirate, a bent buccaneer, and the last thing you were expecting. It’s enough to put any damsel in distress. While