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Staying In for a Sexy Game Night

It’s Saturday night, and you and you partner are looking for a sexy way to stay in and have some fun. Why go out and spend money on drinks and dancing when you can have just as much fun having a Game Night? No, not the Hasbro family-friendly version you see on commercials where Grandma is excited about a triple word score. We’re talking naked, naughty games that will spark

Make Your Man a Trojan Man

We’ve all heard the excuses before: I’m too big, it’ll kill the mood, I’m clean, I have a bad reaction to latex. While hopefully you’re not buying it, a recent study indicates that more young people are having unprotected sex. The Parenthood Foundation found that the number of Americans ages 15–24 who regularly have unprotected sex increased from 38% in 2009 to 53% today. Chances are you and your man

Say Hello To My Little Friend Sperm

Hey look, it’s sperm everybody! No matter what we call it – jizz, spooge, cum – we talk about semen all the time. But you probably haven’t heard the word “sperm” since eighth grade Biology. They look like tiny tadpoles and you need them to make a baby but how much do we really know about the male reproductive cell? Here are a few fun facts everyone should know about

Sexy Long Distance Relationships

Another night rubbing one out via webcam got ya down? With just over 7 million couples in the U.S. reportedly in long distance relationships, chances are you’re just one of many whose orgasm depends on bandwidth speed. While this might be great for the creators of Skype, it means 14 million Americans have to deal with the stress of keeping things hot and heavy from a distance. No one is