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Taking Anal Play Like a Champ

Just imagine Leonidas from the movie 300 squatting down to receive a blowjob while his woman squeezes her pinkie up his butt. Not so tough now, are we Leonidas? His reply, of course, is, “This… is… SPARTA!” Visualizing this example, it’s not hard to picture a real man getting the pinkie treatment while his girl sucks like there’s no tomorrow. If he’s willing to masturbate upside down behind the bathroom

Thank Twitter For Vagina, Bacon and Fisting

One of our readers recently shared that many of the tweets on Twitter included the words vagina, fisting or bacon. Immediately we began to salivate. And as we licked our chops, it wasn’t clear which word was creating this reaction. We were so intrigued by this amazing combination, that we didn’t want to verify the validity of his statement. Vagina along with bacon and fisting almost resemble a symbiotic relationship

Does Your Boss Deserve a Little Bump and Grind?

In this belt-tightening economy, we are all desperate for dependable work. But does a steady paycheck mean the boss can do some belt unbuckling? Hard-working people have been getting sexually harassed in the workplace since the very beginning. It probably began with prostitution, arguably the oldest profession in the world,  and lewd customers who had no intention of paying a lady for her services. Or maybe it started with a

Behind The Wheel Guide to Anal Sex

According to last year’s Journal of Sexual Medicine study, we’re all having more sex, in more positions, and at younger ages than ever before.  But the big surprise for me was the dramatic increase in the proportion of women who had tried anal sex. A similar 1992 survey concluded that about 16 percent of women between  the ages of 18 – 24 had tried it. In 2010, that number had

Before You Mix Food With Sex…

Food with sex? The combination is everywhere. Guys pay out for a meal so a girl will put out in the sack. Oysters are said to be aphrodisiacs, although they only make me vomit (which some fetishers would find sexy). So it’s no wonder we like to bring our fridges into the bedrooms with us, mixing various salts and sweets with sweat and other sex fluids until we aren’t quite

Strip Clubs Stripped Down

Strip clubs. Achieving entry is a right of passage for guys.  And a right of passage for girls. With daddy issues, low morality clauses, and a variety of venereal diseases. Right? Well, sure. In some cases. But I dare you to go into a Hooters and find a smaller collection of fucked up chicks serving your table a pitcher of Bud Light and lemon pepper wings. Don’t worry. It’s not

Naked and Famous

If there’s anything we have learned from the latest embarrassing escapades of celebrities, athletes and politicians, it’s to keep your clothes on. At least, when you’re sending pictures over the internet. This should be obvious. Unfortunately, even for the world’s richest and most recognizable, it’s hard to turn down that booty call snapshot when you’re sporting a woody (or, a her-ection. We don’t discriminate.) Anthony Weiner, we’re talking to you

Dirty Ideas You Must Keep To Yourself

It’s always amazing to see a guy share a completely inappropriate thought with his girlfriend or wife. But some guys think “We’re so close that I feel like I can share anything with you.” Wrong. Some ideas are better saved for your buddies over a beer. To help some of you fellas who need friendly advice, we’re assembling a list of Dirty Ideas You Should Keep To Yourself. If you

How Can I Get Lucky Tonight?

Recently, I came across a study conducted by Dr. Richard Wiseman, famous for his research on Luck. Over the ten years that he interviewed hundreds of self-branded lucky and unlucky people, he came up with some interesting conclusions about why some are luck-jobs and others are doomed for failure. “To a large extent, people make their own good and bad fortune”, says Wiseman. He also said that unlucky people are much

New Dating Trends in New York City

New York City is home to the biggest population of singles in the United States. surveyed their members in New York to learn about their dating preferences. The results were compiled into a telling infographic with some interesting statistics. 94% of New York singles were willing to date outside their city. The average New Yorker is willing to drive a maximum of 40 minutes to date someone. Manhattan is