Sexual Addict or Horn-dog?

Does sexual addiction really exist, or is it just a horn dog’s cop out? Sexual Recovery defines sexual addiction as “A persistent and escalating pattern or patterns of sexual behaviors acted out despite increasingly negative consequences to self or others.” If you’d like that in English, it’s “a sex fiend who takes no prisoners”-or some prisoners, if they’re kinky enough.

There’s an estimated 18 to 24 million (admitted) sex addicts across the country. Now you might be wondering, how can you spot one of these heathens? Easy, he’s got a penis and he’s using it for everything except stirring cream in his coffee!

Ever notice why it’s mainly the rich and famous who check into a sex addiction facility? Because they’re the only ones who can bang 100’s of willing females with the snap of a finger. If an average Joe had the opportunity to order a blowjob with his burger and fries, you don’t think he’d drop trousers right there in the diner? Think again.

Sex addicts have said that their addiction is like a drug. Your whole existence revolves around your next score. It takes away from daily tasks and interferes with the quality of life. But so does football! Does this mean that football can be an addiction?

According to some, those claiming to be “sex addicts” are the dummies who got caught with their pants around their ankles. Claiming “sexual addiction” is their get-out-of jail-free card. It’s like the mass murderer who pleads insanity to stay out of prison. Many believe that Dr. Drew made this up to put reasoning behind wanting to hump 24/7. Where were the rehab facilities when Wilt Chamberlain was putting his 20,000th notch on the bedpost? Or when Gene Simmons licked the 4,600th titty? The only treatment they had were high fives and fist pumps.

So is this a REAL addiction? The American Psychiatric Association has rejected “sexual addiction” in the 2013 Manual of Mental Disorders. On the other hand, “hypersexuality” is being considered as an alternative explanation. The research continues and until “Sexual Addiction” is labeled a real disease, the debate goes on…what do you think?