Welcome to Toot It

TootIt.com is the online magazine with the best information on dating, romance, love, relationships and entertainment for both men and women. We thought it would be best to describe TOOTIT.com from the eyes of our writers.

This is one Toot It writer’s opinion of what we’re all about…

“If you’ve ever rubbed one out instead of taking home the skittish, translucently pale undergrad with self-inflicted clove cigarette burns, this site may not be for you.

Because all of us vulgar, bawdy, booty-crazed fiends at Toot It would rather gnaw off the limb that what’s-their-face is sleeping on the morning-after, rather than wake up early for a brisk jog and a frothy frappucino.

We Toot It, Boot It, and then tell all. For all the spoils without the strings, read on.”

Another Toot It writer put it this way…

“Toot It isn’t for everyone. It’s for those sex crazed men and women who want to experience the “morning after” everyday for the rest of their lives. If you’re married and buried, or pussy whipped out of action, you’re better off dreaming over at one of the many impotent online magazines. “

Here’s what another writer had to say…

“Tootit.com is the Wingman for people with a high sex drive. TootIt.com gives you the info and tools you need to go about being your ‘bad old self’! Party on!”

The TOOTIT Team is working hard around the clock to bring you only what you need – quality over quantity. We hope you will find a home at tootit.com, and tell all of your friends about us. Welcome.