Just heard big news: Derek Cajun, one of the best and most respected pickup artists in the world, just issued a very bold challenge. Guys who know about it (like you, now, thanks to Tootit.com!) stand to win if you move fast.

What’s Going On?

Cajun (a Master Instructor with Love Systems, the “gold standard” for dating coaches) created the ultimate online game manual: The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Game.  It’s full of examples, pictures, message logs, it goes step-by-step through the key elements of online dating, including:

  • How to build a profile
  • How to choose your pictures
  • What to send in your first message
  • How to get her into chat, text, phone, and in-person
  • How to set expectations in advance (relationship vs. fun)
  • Chat and message logs so you can see the system in real life
  • How to meet women off Facebook
  • Etc., etc., etc. – I don’t have time to summarize it all here, because I have WAY more to tell you about this.  Click this link to see everything it covers, and all the video and other coaching packages it includes:

What’s the Challenge?

This is where things get really interesting and why I wanted you to be able to act on this right away:

Cajun is LITERALLY guaranteeing that ANY man who uses his system will have more dates with quality women within just 30 days (or you get every penny back).

30 days.

What’s more, during the “Launch Party” they’re offering the whole thing – all the books, all the videos, all the audio guides, all the Q&A – for just $47.


See, I’ve known the Love Systems guys for a while.  They have a reputation for quality, and often a price to match.  You don’t go to Love Systems for the heck of it.  You go because you want results, your time is too valuable to mess around and you want you’re your dating life solved.  So for them to put out a book or a course at this price says that they are really, really confident that it works. Because for a lot of guys, this will be their first taste of Love Systems.

This is a special “Launch Party” offer and there’s no way they can afford to keep this price for long.  You owe it to yourself to check it out while it’s still available:

Check it out now!

About Cajun

He’s been keeping his head down the last year or two, busy with a ton of testing and live trials of the Gentleman’s Guide.

But before he was known as a world expert in online dating for men, he was famous for winning the Keys to the VIP hidden competition pickup TV show.  This was no vanity project, where a guy gets to approach 100 women and choose the infield footage he likes.  He put his name, and the Love Systems name, on the line without so much as a safety net. Cameras followed his every move at a nightclub. Judges watched….

…and the 5’6 Cajun mopped the floor with the competition.  “The best we’ve ever seen,” said one of the judges.

You can actually watch all the infield footage on the Gentleman’s Guide site – just click over to the “Success Stories” tab and look on the right-hand side.  Here’s a link to the site again.

In other words, with Cajun you know you’re getting the straight goods.  He’s not some guy who dates online because he can’t attract women day-to-day.  He’s literally one of the best in the world – and he brings THAT expertise to the online world.

I got tons more to say about this, but honestly I’m getting a little nervous about how long Love Systems thinks a “Launch Party” is and I want you to have this mail in your hands while there’s still time.  So check out Gentleman’s Guide (and all the bonuses) by clicking this link.

Tootit Editors

P.S.  Just saw this…was sifting through the beta testers’ reviews (they got a bunch of them on the site).  Wow.

“Just changing my profile picture how Cajun said got me 4x more replies than I’m used to!  I can’t wait to see what’s in the next chapter”
– R.F., Stamford, CT

“I had no idea it could be this easy!  I used to spend weeks chasing women online.  I started the course this morning and I already have 2 dates set up this weekend”  – Evan T., St. Paul, MN

“I’m 47.  She’s a hot 26.  The waiter thought she was my daughter, and tried to hit on her when he learned she wasn’t.  I told him about your book on my way out – I’m MUCH more comfortable meeting women online than in bars.”  – Michael W., Coral Gables, FL